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Managing reporting periods at an organizational level

Setting up the reporting periods used across your projects.

Organization Reporting Periods are pre-defined time periods that allow you to calculate period budgets against which you can:

  • track progress
  • monitor performance
  • measure project activities.

Organization Reporting Periods ensure performance measurement occurs consistently throughout the lifecycle of your projects.

Progress and performance is, typically, tracked on a monthly basis, but can vary between projects.

Reporting periods are generally based on the organization’s financial calendar.

Organization Reporting Periods let you generate organization-level reports for your entire portfolio or program. The Organization Reporting Periods should range from the earliest project’s start date to past the last project’s finish date. This accommodates any future projects that may be added.

Create organization reporting periods

  1. Double-click Cost on the module menu.
  2. In the Cost module, click the drop down menu at the top-left of the page and select Cost Administration.
  3. Under Organization Data in the left-hand pane, click Reporting Periods.
  4. Click the Add icon on the toolbar under the Reporting Periods heading.
  5. The Reporting Periods window displays. Define a Start Date, Period Length, and Number of Periods.
  1. Click Finish to create the reporting periods.

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