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Setting up your Organization's Currency Exchange Rates

Establishing currency exchange rates to track values across projects.

Create an organization currency

  1. Double-click Cost on the module menu.
  2. Click the dropdown menu at the top-left of the page and select Cost Administration.
  3. Under the Organization Data heading in the left-hand pane, click on Currency.
  4. Click the Add icon on the toolbar under the Currency heading.
  5. The Create Current Exchange Rate window displays. Select a currency from the Currency dropdown and define the exchange rates ( Budget, Actuals & Forecast).
  6. Click Create Currency Exchange Rate to save the new currency.

Exchange rates are entered in relation to the Organization Base Currency, which has a rate of 1.00.  For example, if the Organization Base Currency is US Dollar (exchange rates of 1.00) and you want to create a currency for Australian Dollar, the exchange rates for Australian Dollar would be entered as 1.00 US Dollar equals n Australian Dollars.

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