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Adding or excluding users from Cost projects

This is an overview of adding and removing users in Cost.

Adding Users to projects

1. Under Cost Administration navigate to the Projects grid.

2. Click on the relevant project, the Users sub-grid will appear.  

3. Users can be granted access to the selected project by checking the Access checkbox. To deny access, de-select the box. 

exclude users from projects

Using the OBS to Control Access

The Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) is a hierarchal structure that allows you to group users together based on their department, role or another category. The purpose of grouping users in this manner is to:

• Assign responsibility to the work scope in each project.

• Prepare reports that relate to project progress and.

• Prepare costs directly to the responsible organization.

Define OBS elements

  1. Under Cost Administration navigate to the Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) menu.
  2. Click the Add icon in the toolbar and select the appropriate option to display the Create User dialog. OBS elements can be added above, below, or inside (as a subordinate) of existing elements.
  3. Enter a Name and a Code. The Description field is optional.
  4. Click Create OBS.

Assigning OBS Elements to Users

To create a user in Cost, an OBS assignment must be made. A user cannot be created without this assignment. Users can be assigned to multiple OBS elements to define their responsibilities within the organization.

OBS elements can be assigned to users in three different locations in Cost:

Multiple assignments must be done on the Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) page.

Assign users to an OBS element

  1. Select Cost Administration/Organization Data/Responsibility Assignments.
  2. Find and select an OBS element.
  3. Click the Add icon in the Users sub-grid, and select the user to assign to the OBS element.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to add additional users to the same or additional OBS elements.

Responsibility Assignments

You can generate control account reports that group and summarize project data by OBS assignments. These reports can be customized using the report builder in the Reports module.

See the Reporting in Aconex Connected Cost training course to learn how to generate these reports.

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