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Approval Permissions in Security Profiles

Configure Approval permission in Cost

From June 2020, the Execute permission in your security profile is required to perform the following actions: approving contracts, contract changes, payment applications, or change events in Cost. This permission is required to move these into or out of the approved status.

Prior to this update, any user with the Update permission could approve these items. As part of the migration, we have enabled Execute for any existing security profile that previously had the Update permission.

Setup the Security Profile

Anyone who is required to approve the following items in Cost will need the Execute/Approve permission enabled in their security profile as shown in the screenshot below. Each permission is considered separately in Cost which means they can be controlled individually.

  • Contracts
  • Contract Changes – Upstream
  • Contract Changes – Downstream
  • Payment Applications – Upstream
  • Payment Applications – Downstream
  • Change Events
  • Change Event Items
cost security profile

Grant approve permission to a user

  1. From the menu select Cost > Cost Administration
  2. On the Users tab, find the user and note their Security Profile
user security profile
  1. Select Security Profiles on the left menu
  2. Select the security profile you need to edit
  3. In the lower grid, scroll to the required row and check the box in the Execute/Approve column
  4. Repeat the steps for all items that the user can approve

Users who do not have authority to approve these items should be assigned security profiles with the Execute/Approve permission unticked.

Approving items in Cost

Anyone with the Execute/Approve permission can approve items using the status dropdown or Approve button, depending on the object.

For example, Contracts are approved using the dropdown in the Contract Status column on the contract register.

approved contract

Payment applications are approved using the Approve button on the payment application screen (or can also be approved using the dropdown on the payment application register).

approve payment application

Users that do not have the Execute/Approve permission will receive an error when they try to perform the approval.

permission error

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