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Managing Cost users

An overview of managing users in Cost.

In Cost, organization administrators add a user’s details, give them the appropriate access permissions and organizational breakdown structure (OBS) responsibilities. OBS responsibilities will determine a user’s access to projects or specific areas within projects.

Enabling Users

User Permissions are assigned in the Cost Administration module.

In the Cost drop down menu, select Cost Administration. The Cost Enabled Users grid will appear.

cost admin menu

Click the add icon on the toolbar to open the Enable User dialog.

enable icon

Select the following from the drop-down lists.

  • User – they must already exist in this project or their name will not be listed.
  • Security Profile
  • OBS Assignment - OBS Assignments are created when Cost is deployed by default. This is the default assignment used when adding users and shows they have access to all projects.

View a users’ status

Select Administration/Cost Enabled Users.

Find the user’s name in the grid and scroll across to view their Status and the Action fields.

user status

You can re-order the columns using drag and drop.

Assigning Projects

Once a user account is created, you can view the user’s access to projects in Cost by selecting the Projects sub-grid. A user’s project access is defined by their OBS assignment and the responsibility assignments made to this user. This sub-grid displays all the projects created in your organization and displays a checkmark for the ones a user can access.

To view user project assignments:

  1. Select Cost Administration/Cost Users.
  2. Select a Cost User to see the user’s privileges in read-only mode.

Click the Projects tab to see a user’s project assignments.

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