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Accessing Cost Data with APIs

Learn how to create an API access token for specific user accounts.

Creating an API User Token

An API access token is required to access data using the Cost APIs. Tokens are tied to a specific user account, any actions performed will appear as if that user had performed the action themselves.

You must request access to Cost APIs before you will be able to create API tokens. Please get in touch with your local Aconex representative or Service Desk.

  1. Login to Aconex using the account you intend to use for accessing Cost data.
    Note: This account should be restricted to only access the data and perform actions required.
  2. Click the Cost tab, and select Cost Administration.
  3. Click Personal Access Tokens.
  4. Click Create Personal Access Token.
  5. In the popup window, enter a name for the token, and click Generate Token.
  6. Copy the displayed token for future use, you cannot view the token again.
    Note: The token should be kept private and treated like a password.
  7. The API token is used when making http requests. It must be added as a header field: X-User-Access-Token.

Cost APIs use a different authenticating method to the other modules. For assistance please contact Aconex.

Accessing Cost API Documentation

Technical information including required fields / parameters, data structures, and API endpoints is available for each instance.

  1. Login to your Aconex instance.
  2. Access the Cost API documentation (Swagger), contact your local Aconex support if you do not have the link.
  3. The documentation is categorized into functional areas and shows all the available end points and requirements for each request.

You must be logged into Aconex before accessing the documentation.

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