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Creating configured fields in Cost

Creating configurable fields to use in your reports.

Cost allows you to create custom fields and specify the calculation for the value displayed. Custom fields can be displayed on the grids and related reports. Configured Fields can be defined for the organization or project.

Configuring fields

Configured fields can be created in most of the grids, and can use any of the fields available on the grid as part of the calculation.

For example, if your organization needs to report on an estimated forecast which includes the approved budget, potential budget changes, and potential etc changes, you could use the formula below.

You can also use multipliers, and could show a contingency amount by using approved budget x 0.1, if your contingency were 10%.

  1. Under Cost Administration/Organization or  Project Settings/Configured Fields.
  2. Select the appropriate area of Cost. For example, Cost Worksheet or Control Elements.
  3. Click the Add button on the main screen, and complete the required fields.
The Add Field window.
  1. In the lower grid, build the formula you want to create using the fields from the drop-down menu and selecting Insert Field.
An example of adding a formula in the lower grid.
  1. Click Validate Formula to ensure there are no calculation errors.
  2. Click Save. The new field will now be available on the relevant grids and reports like any other column.

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