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Enabling Projects for Cost

Enabling the Cost module on your Aconex project using the Enable New Project wizard.

Connected Cost is not enabled by default when projects are created by Aconex. Your organization’s administrator (or other nominated person) can enable it using the wizard.

If you are a Cost administrator and a project is not enabled, clicking the Cost button will take you into Cost Administration instead of Cost Management. General users will receive an error message.

Enabling a project

  1. Login to Aconex as a Cost Administrator.
  2. Click the Cost tab and select Cost Administration.
  1. Click Projects on the left menu.
  2. Select the relevant EPS row, then click Add.
  3. Select Enable Project Above/Below/Inside depending on where you want the project to be placed.
  1. Follow the steps in the Enable New Project window.
  1. At the end of the wizard, click Enable Project.
The Project Wizard with Copy rep[orting periods highlighted.

Cost administrators often set up their Organization's reporting periods to use specific cycles - so it's possible that some of your Org's projects will follow the same dates. So to speed up project set up, you can use existing reporting period dates. 

To do this select Copy reporting periods from the organization to the project in Reporting Periods before selecting Enable Project.

  1. Double click the Cost tab to access the module.
    Note: all users in your organization with access to the project (i.e. in the project directory) and access to Cost will be given access.
  2. You can now start setting up the cost and contract data on your project. For help with these tasks please visit Using Cost.

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