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Oracle Primavera Cloud Schedule Integration

Integrating schedule data from Oracle Primavera Cloud Schedule with the Cost Management module.

Cost provides an easy and efficient way to integrate schedule data from Oracle Primavera Cloud Schedule with the Cost Management module.

By connecting to Primavera Cloud Schedule through an Application Program Interface (API), schedule data can be synchronized at any time, across different forms.

Integrating eliminates the need to manually enter schedule data or import it from a spreadsheet.

See also Primavera P6 Integration.

Entering your API credentials

To enter your organization’s API credentials go to Cost Administration/Organization Data/Organization Settings/Integrations/Primavera Cloud Schedule.

Entering your API details in the Primavera cloud schedule.

You can configure both P6 and Primavera Cloud integrations for your organization, however projects can only link to one at a time.

Synchronizing Primavera Cloud

The information necessary to integrate with Primavera Cloud through a web service is defined in the Organization Settings form. The credentials needed to connect are the same used to access the cloud environment.

Once the connection is defined for your instance, you can link Primavera Cloud projects to Aconex Connected Cost projects in the  Project Settings form.

To connect to Primavera Cloud Schedule:

  1. Select Cost Administration/Organization Settings.
  2. Click on the Primavera Cloud Schedule link.
  3. In the API Credentials section, enter the URL to the Primavera Cloud. Your IT administrator should be able to provide this information, it’s the same website you use to access Primavera Cloud.
  4. Click in the Username field and enter the username for a Primavera Cloud API user.
  5. Click in the Password field and enter the password for the user entered in Step 4 above.
  6. Click the Set Connection button.

Synchronizing Primavera Cloud Schedule data

Synchronizing Primavera Cloud Schedule data through the web service is an automated process and Connected Cost simply connects via the API and ‘pulls’ data in.

To Synchronize P6 with Aconex Connected Cost navigate to  Cost Management/Utilities/Run Schedule Integration.

To synchronize data, a user must have import and export permissions be able to run this feature.

The Run Schedule Integration window.

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