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Rules of Credit in Cost

Defining and assigning your cost project's rules of credit.

A control account and/or work package's percent complete can be calculated using a set of activities and tasks called Rules of Credit.

To define rules of credit templates

There are two ways to define Rules of Credit templates - at the organization level and project level. Keep in mind that settings made at the organization level are available for use at the project level on all projects. Project level settings are limited to a specific project.

Select Cost Administration > Organization Data > Rules of Credit Template or Cost Administration > Project Data > Project Rules of Credit Templates.

  1. Click the Add button and enter a Name and Code for your Template.
  2. In the Rules of Credit details pane, click the add button to create new steps in the template
  3. Define the name and relative weight for each step in the template
  4. When complete, mark the rule as Active

To assign rules of credit to a record

  1. go to  Cost Management > Cost > and select a Control Account.
  2. Locate a Control Account, Work Package, or Contract.
  3. Click the Control Elements Sub-Grid Menu and scroll down to Rules of Credit.
  1. Click the Add button to add a Rules of Credit Template or create Custom Rules.
  1. Enter a Rule Weight (if not already defined) to the total. The total weight for all the rules should equal 100.
  1. Enter Percent Complete.
  1. Enter Planned and Actual Start and Finish Dates for each rule.
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