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Setting up WBS templates and control elements

Work Breakdown Structure templates can be assigned to projects when they are created and used as a starting point for baseline development.

Creating WBS Templates

  1. Select Cost Administration/Organization Data/WBS Templates.
  1. Click the Add icon on the toolbar.
  1. Enter a Template Name
  1. Click the Set as Active checkbox if you want the template to be available for selection when creating new projects.
  1. Click Add WBS Template.
  1. On the Edit [template name] Template page, click the Add icon on the toolbar to begin adding WBS elements to the template. Each element must have a name and code. 
  1. Click Add Element.
  1. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 until you have finished adding elements to the template.

Creating Control Element Categories

Control elements are used to categorize types of cost, hours, and quantity data that are budgeted and tracked on a project. Control elements are sub-elements of control accounts, work packages, and progress packages.

To Create a Control Element Category:

  1. Under Cost Administration/Organization Data navigate to Control Element Categories.
  2. Click the Add icon on the toolbar.
  3. Enter a Control Element Category Name.
  4. Select the Category Type.
  5. Click Add Control Element Category.
  6. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 until you have finished adding elements.

Changes to Control element categories can also be made by navigating to:

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