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Technical Requirements for Connected Cost - Primavera P6 Integration

This information lists and describes what is needed for you to integrate Primavera P6 schedule data with the Cost Management module.

Integration Requirements

  • EPPM, with API
  • P6 desktop client v8.3+

Note: EPPM and the P6 desktop client use the same database.

  • The following security policies in the current integration have to be changed in order to succeed.
    • Timestamp must be disabled.
    • For the Username Password profile, Nonce and Created Time must be disabled.
    • Encryption and signed messages must be disabled.
  • The customer needs to expose the web service on port 443
  • We only support HTTPS
    • We require a SSL certificate signed by a public root authority. This cannot be self-signed.
  • To be able to pull data into Connected Cost, the user we connect as must have at least READ permission on the following P6 entities:
    • Activity
    • ActivityCode
    • ActivityCodeAssignment
    • ActivityCodeType
    • Expense
    • Project
    • ResourceAssignment
    • WBS
  • To support the Connected Cost pushing the activity codes into P6, we need at least WRITE for:
    • ActivityCode
    • ActivityCodeType.

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