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Accessing a shared Cost workspace

If you're an external consultant who's been given permission to access to another organization's Cost workspace, read on to find out how to access it from your own Aconex user account.

As an external consultant, you might have been given access to a Cost workspace by another organization you're working for. For example, you might be an external project manager, or be a financial consulting firm handling all their cost and contract tasks.

Swapping from your workspace to another organization's

Once the client organization has granted you access to their workspace, you can change workspaces to see their data.

  1. Login to Aconex using your own account, and make sure you are on the correct project.
  2. Double click the Cost tab to open the Cost Administration page
  3. Using the Workspace menu in the top left, select the Client organization.
  1. Using the left menu under Cost Administration, or the Cost tab, select Cost Management.
  1. You are now viewing the Client’s cost data and will be directed to the Cost Worksheet or Contracts register, depending on your permissions.

You can only view Cost information using this process. You can never view the Mail or Documents from another organization.

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