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What is Cost?

Aconex Cost is a flexible and highly customizable cost management solution. It combines cost, schedule, commitments and other vital data to bring greater accuracy and clarity to the progress and performance of your projects.

Features and benefits

What is Cost?
  • Secure Access – Allow users to only access the features and project data they are responsible for using the highly customizable security module.
  • Cloud-based Solution – Receive new features and functionality without interrupting your project workflow.
  • Project-centric – Create projects and summarize multiple projects for organization-wide reporting.
  • Organization Definitions – Develop definitions and standards for all projects in the organization. Projects using organization definitions can be combined for organization reporting.
  • Flexible Coding Structure – Use your own coding structure for flexibility in project reporting.
  • Data Import/Export – Import and export data in a Microsoft Excel format.
  • Integrate with Other Applications – Synchronize Cost with other applications, such as Primavera P6 and ERP financial systems.
  • Earned Value Performance Measurement Variance analysis and reporting features.
  • Report Builder – Quickly create and generate custom reports using various options; save these report specifications and use as a template for additional reports.
  • Activity Stream – Stay informed of your project activity in a single location by viewing the events, actions, and flow of data performed on a project in a single location.
  • Online Assistant – Guide you every step of the way to perform tasks within the application, providing a hands-on learning tool.

Cost modules

The Cost Module List.

Cost Management

The Cost Management module provides a comprehensive set of tools for:

  • Managing budgets
  • Managing contracts
  • Monitoring and reporting on progress
  • Generating forecasts
  • Analyzing performance.

This module is used to combine cost and schedule data to develop a baseline which performance can then be measured against. The performance on a project or portfolio is then measured at regular intervals using standard Earned Value methodologies. These methodologies are based upon: the progressing of control accounts, contracts, documenting or importing actuals, documenting or importing commitments and calculating forecasts.


The reports module is where project and organization level reports and graphs are created. It includes a variety of different data sets and options so that you can design custom reports and layouts. Several default reports are included (that you can further customize), as well as a report builder that allows you to create customized reports from scratch.

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream module provides insight into actions being performed in Cost. Whether it’s adding new data, or updating or deleting existing data - the activity stream tracks the actions performed in real-time by all users.


The administration module consists of three components:

  • Create users and define their permissions
  • Define standard organization settings and definitions
  • Define project-specific settings and definitions.

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