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The Cost interface

An overview of the Cost interface.

Before you begin

During deployment, an Organization Administrator (Org Admin) is created by Aconex and provided with a username. The Org Admin is then sent an email asking them to read and agree to Aconex Cost’s terms of service. From there, they can create their own password and begin adding additional users to their organization’s Cost instance.

Once Cost has been deployed for your company, you can access it via your regular Aconex login and password.


Understanding the functionality of the Cost interface will enhance your effectiveness when working within the application. The following sections describe each of the interface components and provide examples of where and when the features are used and implemented.

  1. Navigation Pane.
  2. Toolbar.
  3. Filter Menu.
  4. Grid.
  5. Sub grid menu.
  6. Sub grid.

At the top of the Navigation pane is a toggle that activates a drop-down menu.

The following modules are found in the drop-down menu, based on you profile’s access and permission settings:

  • Cost Management – Manage budgets, schedule activities, actuals, commitments, contracts, and changes. Calculate forecasts and analyze project performance.
  • Cost Activity Stream – A real-time interactive audit log that displays user actions for all projects in your portfolio. Filter and drill-down on actions to view details in the context of the project.
  • Cost Reports – Access project and Organization reports and create customized tabular and graphical reports using the Cost Report Builder.
  • Administration – Access administrative functions such as creating users and security profiles, establishing Organization and project definitions such as reporting periods, calendars, and control element categories.

If you log-in to Cost and can’t see the Navigation pane, click on the toggle icon on the left-side of the interface.


Grids display a table of data in a spreadsheet view and include all fields for each record as columns. Each row represents a single record. In some cases, where data can be summarized, the totals are displayed in the summary levels of the hierarchy. For example, in the control accounts data grid, totals are rolled-up to each summary level of the data grid, all the way up to the highest level (i.e. project level). Also, the totals from all of the control account records assigned to a WBS element are totaled at the WBS level. These summary calculations are automatically performed when data is added, modified, or deleted.

Filter pane

The filter pane is to the left of the main grid. It displays the WBS for the project, and works with the main grid to filter data. This feature is primarily used in the cost management module to narrow the list of control accounts, work packages, progress packages and associated data. When an item is selected in the filter pane, the associated records are displayed in the main grid.


Most of the forms and pages in Cost have a toolbar at the top where the commands associated with adding, deleting, importing, exporting and manipulating data and records are found. Run your mouse over each icon to see what its function is.

User View

This is also where the User View selector is located. This allows you to toggle between the different views of the data.

A search field is located on the right-side at the top of the grid, use this to find records quickly.

Sub Grids

Sub grids will appear in the workspace where detail data is entered and displayed for the selected record in the main grid. 

A single data grid can have multiple sub-grids that provide different detailed data and information. You can easily navigate to different sub-grids by selecting an option from the sub grid menu.

For example, a control account record has multiple sub grids that include such things as control elements, actuals, commitments, schedule activities, changes, and time-phased data.

By selecting a row (record) in the main grid, the sub-grid is displayed and you can navigate to see the detailed data specifically entered for that record.

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