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Cost toolbar options in detail

Basic functions of the toolbar in Cost.

The tools used to manipulate data and records in Cost are found along the top of the page in the toolbar.

The toolbar also contains the View selector which you can use to toggle between different data views.


  • Add - opens a window to add a new record.
  • Delete - most data can be permanently removed, however, there are some restrictions depending on how the record is linked to other records.
  • Cut - records can be moved to a different location within the grid. Cutting the record will not delete the record from the grid.
  • Copy Record - records can be copied and inserted in a different location within the grid. When a copied record is inserted, Cost will automatically append the name with a (number).
  • Paste Record - once a record has been cut or copied, it can be pasted to another location in the same grid.
  • Expand - expands a hierarchical set of data in a grid.
  • Collapse - collapses a hierarchical set or data in a grid.
  • Sync - data is synchronized Primavera P6 based on the project’s P6 integration settings.
  • Import -data in a CSV format can be imported into Cost.
  • Export - data in grids are exported to a CSV file.

You can also use the Search field on the right-hand side of the toolbar to quickly find records in the grid.

Remember that the functions available depend on the data category and your permission levels. You can also access some functions with a right mouse click on the grid when a row is selected.

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