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Cost - minimum data requirements for importing data via CSV files

To run a successful import, your CSV files must have a minimum set of data.

The tables here show the minimum content your CSV file needs to have to be imported successfully.

Module - Administration

Minimum data requirements.

Projects (Tag Assignments)Control Element CategoriesWBS TemplatesTagsRules of Credit Templates
Project NameNameParent CodeTag Category Name
Tag CategoryTypeNameTag Name
Tag CodeUnit of Measure (if the type is quantity)CodeTag Code

Module - Cost Management

Cost Worksheet, WBS, Control Accounts and Work PackagesControl ElementsSchedule ActivitiesDirect Actuals
Parent CodeControl Account CodeControl Account CodeControl Element Name
NameTypeNameControl Element Type
CodeNameCodeControl Account Code
TypeActivity WeightItem
Current Percent CompleteActual
Percent Complete MethodPost Date

Module - Contracts

ContractsContract Pay ItemsPayment ApplicationsPayment Applications ItemsPayment Applications Status Change
NameContract No.Contract No.Contract No.Contract No.
Downstream Org.Pay Item No.Payment Application No.Pay Item No.Payment Application No.
Default Control AccountNameNamePayment Application No.Status
Default Control ElementControl AccountPayment Application DateRequested Percent Complete
Contract CurrencyControl ElementInternal Reporting Period No.Requested Amount
Original ContractOriginal ContractRetention MethodAccepted Percent Complete
Contract StatusAccepted Amount
Pay Item No.Explanation

Module - Change Management

Change EventsChange Events ItemsContract ChangesContract Changes items
Event No.Event No.Contract No.Contract No.
NameItem No.Contract Change No.Contract Change No.
StatusNameNamePay Item No.
Event DateBudget ImpactContract Change DateName
Cost ImpactContract Change StatusControl Account
Contract No.Contract Change AmountControl Element
Pay Item No.Contract ItemContract Change Amount
Control Account
Control Element

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