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Importing Cost Worksheet data

The Cost Worksheet structure is set up using WBS and Control Accounts data, which is then the Control Elements form is populated using budget and forecast data.

You populate the Cost Worksheet by importing two sets of data. Firstly, use the WBS and Control Accounts to create the worksheet structure, then import the Control Elements with budget and forecast data.

Importing WBS and Control Accounts

You can build an import file by exporting the current Cost Worksheet or downloading the template from the Import screen. There are a number of mandatory columns which you have to include.

The import file requires each row be classified as wbs or controlAccount in the Type column. You must also specify the Parent Code, which is used by the system to build the Cost Worksheet hierarchy. This code must exist in the file or in the Cost worksheet.

  1. Open the Cost Worksheet in Cost.
  2. Click Import in the toolbar and select Import from CSV.
The Cost Worksheet showing the Import options.

For level 1 WBS or Control Account rows, you can use the special code <ROOT>.

  1. Click Download Template.
  2. Complete the template and save it.
  3. Click Browse to find your saved CSV file.
  4. Click Delete all existing records and replace if you want to use this data to replace any existing data.
  5. Click Import.

Example Import file

Parent CodeNameCodeDescriptionType
Area AA-000wbs
Area BB-000wbs
A-000Area A-Sub Area 1A-000controlAccount
A-000Area A-Sub Area 2A-000controlAccount
A-000Area A-Sub Area 3A-000controlAccount

For information about the Cost Worksheet calculation options such as percent complete method and forecast method, see Cost Worksheet Calculations.

Importing Control Elements

Note: Control Element Categories must be created in either Organization or Project Settings before they can be used.

Control Element types are defined when you create Control Element Categories and must be Cost, Hours, or Quantity.

  1. Go to the Control Element screen in Cost.
  2. Click Import in the toolbar.
  3. If required, download and complete the template
  4. Click Browse and select the import file.
  5. Click Delete all existing records and replace, if you want to use this data to replace all the data that may already have been entered.
  6. Click Import.

Note: Budget and Forecast information can be imported but is not mandatory.

Example Import file

Control Account CodeNameType
  • You can import budget and forecast data unless change management has been required.
  • Remember contracts which are added after the forecasts will reduce the Estimate to Complete. This means if you haven’t imported or created contracts yet, the Estimate to Complete should not be reduced yet.

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