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Change Event Items

Change Event Items show the details of Change Events and help you identify areas affected by change and the impact on budgets or costs.

Change Event Items

Change Event Items represent the detailed breakdown for the parent Change Event. This includes identifying the Contracts, Control Accounts, and Control Elements affected by the change, whether there is an impact on budgets and/or costs, and the impact amounts.

Creating Change Event Items

When creating Change Event Items, you can define the budget and/or cost impact for the item. If the cost impact is Contract Change, you have to select from a list of the project’s approved Contracts. You can, then, define whether the change will result in a new pay item for the contract or if it modifies an existing pay item.

Creating Change Event Items

If, at any time during the process of defining the change impact, you need to modify the Budget Impact or Cost Impact, for the items listed below, you can click on the Edit (pencil) icon to open the Edit Change Event Item dialog, see below.

Changing Event Item Statuses

Having separate statuses for the individual Change Event Items associated with a Change Event allows you to process and approve the individual change items as you see fit.


As with the Change Event status of the same name, you have identified a potential change to the that will would have a budget and/or cost impact. You are beginning to define which Control Accounts, Control Elements, and Contracts will be affected, and are documenting your initial estimate of the impact.

  • Budget Change and Cost Change amounts are not reflected on the Cost Worksheet.




  • Budget Change and Cost Change amounts are not reflected on the Cost Worksheet.
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