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Change Event Wizard

Use the wizard to define the basic details of a Change Event and its related contracts.

Using the wizard

  1. From the Change Events page, select the add icon to launch the wizard.
  2. Fill in all required fields and select Next. Note that the Change Event No field is automatically filled in. 
    Note: you can click Finish at any time after you complete the required fields on Step 1 in the wizard.
Adding a Change Event, Step 1.
  1. Select the contracts that are affected by the Change Event by scrolling or using the search feature.
  2. Select Next
    Note: You can choose to view selected contracts only.
Adding a Change Event, Step 2.
  1. Add any additional items to adjust your budget or forecasts, or add additional contract related items on the Cost worksheet.
  2. Once you’ve finished making adjustments, click Finish to create the Change Event. You can then add or modify the data in the Change Event grid. 
Adding a Change Event, Step 3.

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