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Creating Contract Changes from Change Events

Use Change Event Items to see if there is a cost impact when one or more contracts are changed and to change contracts when you're ready to do so.

When defining the cost impact of a Change Event Item, one of the options available is Contract Change. This shows that there may be a cost impact to one or more existing or approved contracts in your project. If multiple contracts are affected, individual Change Event Items can be created for the parent Change Event. These define each contract and its cost impact.

When you reach a point in the change management process where you are confident that the change will result in a change order, you can create the formal Contract Changes directly from the Change Event Items detail pane.

Consolidating Change Event Items

Need to merge change events into a single contract change? Use the All Change Event Items tab to select multiple items, and create contract changes for each affected contract.

  • Add multiple items that relate to a single contract pay item to a contract change.
  • Supports month-end processes where multiple change events are consolidated into a single contract change.
  • Contract changes are created following the same process as a single change event. See Creating Contract Changes.

For example, if you have a month-end process to gather all downstream change event items from multiple change events, that modify a single contract pay item. This can all be performed in one step, instead of requiring separate contract changes.

all change event items tab

Creating Contract Changes

You can create Contract Changes using the following steps:

  1. Update the Status of the Change Event Items to either Approved or Cancelled. You can set the status of all Change Event Items to one of these statuses by updating the status of the parent Change Event (to either Approved or Cancelled). If the status of the parent Change Event is Active, you can update the status of the individual Change Event Items.
  2. Select the checkbox in the first column, next to each Change Event Item you want to create Contract Changes for. You can select all the candidate Change Event Items using the checkbox in the column header.
  3. Click on the Add to Contract Changes button.
The Change Event Grids.
  1. This opens a dialog showing the Contract Changes and their Contract Change Pay Items that will be created.
  • If there are multiple Change Event Items selected, and they all reference the same Contract, a single Contract Change record is created with each Change Event Item representing a separate Contract Change Pay Item.
  • If there are multiple Change Event items selected that belong to different Change Events, a single Contract Change record is created with each Change Event Item representing separate Contract Change Pay Items. The Contract Change pay items will display the specific Change Event each one is related to. 
  • If there are multiple Change Event Items selected, each referencing different Contracts, a separate Contract Change record is created for each referenced contract.
  • The Contract Change No. is auto-generated as the next available number which you can edit if required.
  • If the Change Event Item represents a new pay item for the contract referenced, the Pay Item No. is auto-generated. You can edit this if required.
  • Pay items can be draw down individually from Estimate to Complete (ETC). These can have a unique setting, or they can match the parent setting. You can modify settings manually after adding the ETC Draw Down column to the Pay Items sub-grid. If you import items using an existing template, these will use the parent settings.
add items to contract changes
  1. Once you have verified the data in the confirmation dialog, click the Add Items button.
  2. After the Contract Changes have been created, the following is the result:
  • On the Change Event Items detail pane, the linked Contract Change No. is displayed. Selecting the link takes you to the linked Contract Change.
  • The Proceed, Pending, or Approved amount columns are updated on the Change Event Items detail pane using the status of the linked Contract Change. I.e. the cost impact of the Change Event Item is now being driven by the linked Contract Change.
item updated

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