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Creating contract changes from within Mail

If you've received an Aconex mail, and need to create a contract change because of it, you can do so without leaving Mail itself.

Adding a contract change in Mail

  1. Open the Mail you want to create the change from.
  2. Scroll down to the Cost tab.
  3. Select Actions/Create Contract Change.
The Actions menu with the Create Contract Change option highlighted.
  1. This opens the Add Contract Change window.
The the Add Contract Change window showing all the fields have been completed.
  1. Update all fields as required.
  2. Press Add Contract Change.
  3. Your new change is added to the Linked cost items list. Note the link under Item No. Select this to open the item in Cost.
The Linked cost items list with Item No and link highlighted.

Viewing and submitting the change in Cost

When you click the link you open the item in the Cost module in Draft mode. From here you can view it’s details and submit and approve it as required.

The newly created contract change shown in the Cost module.

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