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Creating or linking to Change Events from within Mail

If you receive a mail that requires you to create a change event, you can do so without leaving the Mail module.

Change Events can be created or linked to mail directly from the Mail module in Aconex. This means you can start a process or link mail to existing events, without leaving the Mail module.

If you have access to Cost, you can see Cost information at the bottom of a thread when you open a mail item. Any type of Mail can be linked to a Change Event.

Linking mail to an existing change event

If you need to create a new Change Event while looking at a mail, you can use the Create Change Event option in the Cost section of the mail. This allows you to create the Change Event in Cost, and link it to the mail, without changing screens.

  1. Start by opening the mail you want to link to in the Mail module.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the mail.
  3. Expand the Cost section.
  4. Click Actions, then select Create Change Event.
The Create Change Event option in the Cost section of a mail.
  1. Fill out the information as required in the Add New Change Event screen.
The Add new change event window.
  1. When ready, click Add New Change Event.
  2. The Change Event has now been created in Cost, and the link will be visible in the mail.
  3. To enter additional information, select the link to open the Cost module.

Ticking Mark mail as reviewed will mark the mail you’ve reviewed in the Change Impact Review screen in Cost.

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