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Separating Budget and Cost Status for Change Events

Granular insights into your budget and cost impacts

We've split the Status for Change Events and Change Event Items into two separate values, allowing you to track budget and cost impacts independently. You'll now see  Budget Status and Cost Status as separate columns. Both are available at the parent and item levels.

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The change management process for a project may be very simple or complex, depending on the size and complexity of the change. A 'two-cycle' process for managing a change is often undertaken to authorize a change: one cycle to process the budget impact of the change (upstream), and one cycle to process the cost impact of the change (downstream).

When a change is identified and determined to proceed, a change event is created to capture the impact on the budget and cost of a project. The budget impact is often approved prior to the cost of the change being approved. Once the budget has been agreed upon, the process to approve the cost impact can proceed.

By separating the statuses for the budget impact and cost impact of a change event, the management of a 'two-cycle' change process is greatly improved. The Budget Status determines how the budget for the project is impacted and the Cost Status determines how the cost of the project is impacted.

Action required

Existing reports and integrations will need to be updated to accommodate the new statuses.

  • Update your change event reports: If you've used the status column in your change event reports you'll need to specifically select budget status and cost status as display options in all reports and save the new settings. If status was used in summary, grouping, or filtering, those definitions will need to be redefined and saved as well. Upon opening each report, you'll be prompted with instructions to update them.
  • Update your data import templates: If you import change event data into Cost you'll need to update your templates with the new statuses. 
  • Update your API integrations: Integrations with other applications may need to be updated to accommodate the new statuses.

Update your reports

A configuration page explaining what needs to be changed will be displayed if the report needs to be updated.

example of a report needs to be updated

Update your imports

New import templates must be downloaded and used. You can copy data from old imports into the new template, making sure you use the new status columns. You'll be prompted with the following message where a new template is required. ‘The import now supports the ability to set a separate cost and budget status for a change event. Please download the new import template.’

import template

Cost worksheet updates

The value of the Cost Status field determines the impact on all cost related columns in the worksheet.  The same logic used for the current Status field applies to the cost columns as listed below.

Cost StatusLinked to Contract ChangeCost Worksheet Columns
Potential Contract Change Events
Potential ETC Changes
Approved Contract Change Events
Estimate to Complete

The value of the  Budget Status field impacts only budget related columns in the cost worksheet.  The logic used for the existing status field will apply to the budget columns as listed below.

Budget StatusCost Worksheet Column
PotentialPotential Budget Changes, Potential Budget Transfers
ApprovedApproved Budget Changes, Approved Budget Transfers

Grid updates

The new separate statuses are available for both the entire change event and for the change event items.  Changing the parent level status event triggers item status to update, as they did previously.

Change Event grid

Change Event Wizard

add change event wizard

Add Change Event Item

Add Change Event Item

All Change Event Items Advanced Search

All Change Event Items Advanced Search

Update your API Integrations

If you are using the change event APIs for reporting or integrations, you'll need to update your integrations so they continue to work. It's likely you will receive an error the next time you access the APIs. For full details about the Cost API, including the new fields, please use the link under Cost Administration > Personal Access Tokens > View API Documentation.

These changes affect all the API endpoints under Change Events and Change Event Items:

  • /projects/{projectId}/change-events
  • /projects/{projectId}/change-event-items 


changeEvent Payload


changeEventItems Payload


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