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Creating reports and report definitions in Cost

Learn how to access standard reports and configure and save new report definitions.

Creating a new Report

The reports module provides the option to configure new report definitions. You can also save these report definitions and export them in a number of formats.

  1. Access reports by selecting Cost Reports from the main menu.
  2. Click Create New Report.
  3. Select the Report Type, either Project or Organization.
  4. Enter a report Name.
  5. Select a Dataset. When you do this new fields appear, for example, the Dataset’s name and Information.

Report Type lets you create reports that show either a single project (Project), or multiple projects at a summary level (Organization).

Dataset lets you choose which Cost data you want to see on the report. Project reports will show data from the current project in Aconex.

Setting up a new report

When creating a report you can select the Report Type and Dataset it will use. These determine which columns (Display) you can select to use in the report. You can also manipulate the data by selecting the Data used and manipulate this by using filters, summarizing and grouping. You can preview how the report will look using Update Preview before saving it.

  1. Then select or enter the information you want to use to format the data the report uses. These are:
    1. Information - specify the report title and subtitle.
    2. Display - select the page formatting options you require.
    3. Data - select the report’s start and end points.
    4. Filter – add a filter if you want to report on a specific subset of information.
    5. Summary & Grouping – if required, select how the report is summarized and grouped. Note that you can group by more than one option.
  2. When you’ve finished, click Save as New Report.

After making changes to the report, click Update Preview to generate the new report.

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