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Types of organization and project reports in Cost

Learn the types of reports available at the project and organization level.

The reports module provides the option to run several Project and Organization reports. Project and organization reports can be selected using the submenu in the navigation pane.

Types of Reports

Connected Cost’s comprehensive list of data sets allow users to run several reports relating to the following areas:

Project ReportsOrganization Reports
Cost WorksheetCost Worksheet
Executive SummaryActuals
ActualsBudget Changes
Change EventsChange Events
Change Event ItemsContracts
Budget ChangesContract Changes (Variations)
Budget Change Line ItemsPayment Applications ( Progress Claims)
ContractsSchedule Activities
Contract Pay ItemsTime Phased Data
Contract Changes (Variations)Variance Analysis
Contract Change (Variations) Pay Items
Payment Applications ( Progress Claims)
Payment Application ( Progress Claim) Line Items
Rules of Credit
Schedule Activities
Time Phased Data
Variance Analysis

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