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Adding changes (Variations) to contracts

Making changes to a contract's scope and value.
  1. Upstream and downstream changes are listed on two separate tabs. Each row is a separate contract change.
  2. The Contract Change Pay Items panel displays all of the key information regarding the contract change.
  3. When creating a contract change, decide first if the contract change is upstream or downstream and then select the correct tab in the contract change panel.
  4. Contract changes are created by clicking the Add button on the Toolbar.
  5. If the contract has been shared with another organization, then the contract changes are visible to that organization, when you share them.

Add Contract Variation

  1. After creating the Contract Change, the changes to the contract are visible in the lower pane when you select the contract from the list displayed under Contract Changes.
  2. You can add more contract change pay items to create a more detailed breakdown if the status of the change is Not Approved. Do this by selecting Add in the Contract Changes pane.

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