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Changes, variations and drafts in Contracts

Learn how to make changes to a contract, and how to create and view drafts.

Note that some of the names used here will vary depending on your language selection. Under Change Management it will say:

  • Contract Change – if Cost is using US English, and;
  • Variation - if it’s set to UK English. 
  1. Upstream and downstream changes are shown on two separate tabs. Each row is a separate contract change.
  2. The Contract Change Pay Items panel displays all of the key information regarding the contract change.
  3. When creating a contract change, start by selecting either the Upstream or Downstream tab in the Contract Change panel.

Creating contract changes/variations

  1. Contract changes are created by clicking the Add button in the toolbar.
  2. If the contract has been shared with another organization, then the contract changes are visible to that organization, when you share them.
The Add Contract Change window.

Viewing contract changes/variations

  1. To see all changes/variations, select the contract from the grid to show them in the lower pane.
  2. You can add more contract change pay items to create a more detailed breakdown if the status of the change is Not Approved.

Creating and viewing drafts from the Contracts sub-grid

You can create and view drafts from the sub-grids in Contract Changes(Variations) and Payment Applications ( Progress Claims). 

To create a new one, select the plus icon above the sub-grid. To view an existing draft, click the page icon in the Draft column to open it.

The Contracts Sub-grid showing the Add Draft and View existing draft icons.

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