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Creating Contracts in Cost

Adding contracts and purchase orders to Connected Cost.

Adding contracts and purchase orders to Connected Cost

Downstream contracts are created in Connected Cost to reflect commitments being made. They can be setup as collaborative, i.e. shared, or stand alone. If you’re using the cost worksheet, contracts appear as amounts under the relevant columns based on the status of the contract.

  1. Go to Cost Management/ Contracts
  1. Select the Downstream tab
  2. In the toolbar under Downstream, click the Add item button.
  3. If the contract will be non-collaborative, select the Not Connected to Aconex radio button.
  4. Complete the information in the Add Contract window – see Add Contract Information below.
  5. Click Add Contract.

Sharing contracts with downstream organizations

If you create a contract without sharing it with a downstream organization initially, you can do this without having to recreate the contract by using the Share feature. This means that contracts that have related records - even those with payment applications and/or contract changes - can be shared with a downstream org. Contracts that have been shared are shown as selected in the Shared Contract column.

To share a contract: 

  1. Select the contract in the grid and click the Share button.
A contract showing there Share button and the Shared Contract column.
  1. In the Share Contract window, choose a downstream organization and contact and select Share.
The Share Contract window.

Contract Information

The following information is required to place a contract:

Menu itemDefinition
Contract NumberThis is the number assigned to the contract.
NameThis is the name of the contract.
Primary Upstream ParticipantWho is the point of contact for your Company?
Contract CurrencyWhat currency is the contract being placed in?
Contract Status“Pending” means the contract is not approved. “Proceed” means the contract is not approved but please carry on with the work.
Default Control AccountThis is the Control Account the Contract will be assigned to on the worksheet.
Default Control ElementThis is the Control Element the Contract will be assigned to against the Control Account.
Downstream Org Type“Connected to Aconex” means the organization is a user of Aconex. “Not Connected to Aconex” means the organization is not a user of Aconex.
Downstream OrgIf you selected “Connected to Aconex” choose the company from the drop down list. If you selected “Not connected to Aconex” enter the organisation name.
Primary Downstream ParticipantThe contact in the Organisation.
Pay Item NumberA unique reference number for the first pay item created.
AmountThe amount of the Pay item.

After entering the information, you can add Save and Add Another contract, or just select Add Contract

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