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Duplicate Pay Items on Contract Changes

Record incremental changes to an item in detail.

Pay items can be added manually on a contract change, or as part of a change event. This feature is especially useful when using change events to consolidate multiple items into a single contract change. Learn more about change events

Contract Changes

When creating a contract change, you can add an existing pay item multiple times. Each item on the change has a unique number and can reference the same pay item.

duplicate pay items example
  1. Create a new contract change, or open an existing draft contract change.
  2. In the lower grid, click the Add icon, and select Add Contract Change Item
Add Contract Change Item
  1. In the Add Contract Change Item window, select an existing Pay Item from the dropdown menu.
add item
  1. Complete all mandatory fields indicated with a red asterisk and click Add Item or Save & Add Another.
  2. Repeat this process as necessary.

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