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Editing and Assessing Draft Payment Applications (Progress Claims)

Editing and assessing payment applications (progress claims) in Connected Cost.

If you started preparing a Payment Application without submitting it, or if you were assessing a claim you received but did not approve it, the claim is saved as a draft, indicated with an icon in the Draft column on the Payment Application register.

Opening the draft

  1. Click the link under the Claim No column, or the Draft icon on the register to open the draft.
  2. The claim can be updated following the instructions in Creating Payment Applications.

Assess a Progress Claim (Upstream Organizations)

When you receive a Payment Application from a downstream organization, you can assess their claim and produce a payment schedule for the downstream.

  1. Find the submitted Payment Application in the register.
  1. Click the Claim No to open the Payment Application.
  2. Click Edit in the top right to begin.
    Note: The assessment in progress is shown as a Draft Progress Claim on the Register screen.
  3. Enter your assessment amounts in the To Date Percent Complete or Accepted columns.
  1. Attach any documents required.
  2. The Payment Schedule can be downloaded by clicking Download as PDF.
  3. Once the download has finished, click Approve to open the Approve Payment Application window.
  4. Here you can enter an approval date and comment if required, then select Approve.
The Approve Payment Application window.

If the contract is shared, the downstream organization will receive a notification that the claim has been assessed, and can then download the payment schedule PDF.

Updating drafts

When you’re creating a payment application, it’s possible that some of its information has been updated. For example, a contract change is approved after the application was created, but before the payment application is submitted. If this is the case, you'll see a message on your preliminary payment application telling you updates are available.

All you have to do to add the updates is to select Update draft from the Actions menu. This automatically replaces the existing information with the new data which you can review before submitting the draft.

The Update draft option.

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