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Introduction to Contracts in Cost

Manage all your contracts, changes, and payment applications in a collaborative environment.

Cost allows you to manage your commitments, changes and payment processes throughout your supply chain and if both parties are on Aconex, they can collaborate on the platform, while still maintaining privacy and security of your data.

The Contracts section can be found in Cost Management and contains three sections: Contracts, Contract Changes, and Payment Applications.

Note: Some regions use Variations and Progress Claims, instead of Changes and Applications.

Upstream & Downstream Contracts

It’s possible to place both upstream and downstream contracts. For example, for a general contractor, an upstream contract would be placed between the general contractor and the owner. A downstream contract would be placed between the general contractor and the subcontractor.

Contracts list

Contracts are shown in the Contracts Register and all of the key information, such as contract number, name, and control accounts is displayed. Each row shows a different contract, with Upstream and Downstream contracts listed on two separate tabs. 

Contract items

Contract Items are the detailed breakdown of the contract and form the structure used for progress claims. They are valued, and are related, to the cost worksheet as a commitment.

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