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Calculating time phased data in cost

Produce time-based reports and improve productivity using time-phased data.

The Time Phased Data utility uses schedule data assigned against control accounts to distribute budgets over the duration of a project.

Once the data has been distributed, it can be used to produce time-based reports (such as S-Curves and Histograms) and will be used when calculating productivity and some forecasts. 

Dates can be entered manually or imported from a planning tool. Integration options are available in the administration module.

Spread Time Phased Data

  1. Ensure dates have been entered, or Schedule Activities have been created and linked to Control Accounts.
  2. In the Cost Worksheet, click the Spread Time Phased Data button under Utilities.
  3. Select the relevant Control Accounts and budget types.
  4. Click Spread TPD

Import Time Phased Data

Detailed time-phased data can be imported against each control account if a complex forecast is required.

  1. In the Cost Worksheet, click Import Time Phased Data under Utilities.
  2. Download and complete the Template file.
  3. Open the file by clicking Browse.
  4. Click Import Time Phased Data.

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