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Importing Cost Worksheet Data

Downloading CSV templates and uploading your data into Cost worksheets.

Import Cost Worksheet Data

  1. Click the Import button on the Toolbar and select Import from CSV
  1. Click Download Template.
  2. Complete the template and save it.
  3. Click Browse to locate your saved CSV file.
  4. Click Delete all existing records and replace, if you want to use this data to replace all the data that may already have been entered.
  5. Click Import.

Viewing other data on the Cost Worksheet

The Cost Worksheet can display other data relating to the Control Account on the lower window by clicking the heading ( Control Element by Default) and selecting the required option.

Project Changes Breakdown:This view shows the impact of any Project Changes which have been entered against the selected Control Account.
Time Phased Data:This view shows the details of the time phased data / cash flow after the Time Phased Data Utility has been run.
Tags:This view allows you to see and assign Control Account level tags.
Rules of Credit:This view allows you to see and assign Rules of Credit to the Control Account to be used for progress measurement.

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