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Incorporating schedule Information in Cost

Import schedule data from an integrated scheduling platform such as Primavera P6.

The schedule activities page lets you review data from an integrated scheduling platform such as Primavera P6. Data can also be created manually or imported using the built-in import tool. See also Importing schedule activities.

Add Schedule Activities

Schedule activities can be added manually and assigned to one or more control accounts, they can also be added on the cost worksheet using the detailed worksheet view.

  1. Under Cost management/Schedule Activities click the Add button on the Toolbar.
  1. You can select the Control Accounts you’d like to add the Schedule Activity to now, or assign them at a later date.
  2. Enter the Schedule Activity details:
    • Activity Weight is used to determine the relevant weighting of activities when progress is imported from the schedule.
    • Use Activity Dates for Control Account will overwrite any dates manually recorded against the control account on the cost worksheet.
  3. Once complete, click Add.

Note: Schedule Activities can be edited later by clicking the Edit button in the toolbar

Import Schedule Activities

Schedule Activities can be imported on the Schedule Activities page, but not through the Cost Worksheet.

  1. Click the Import button on the Toolbar.
  1. Click Download Template.
  2. Complete the template using the instructions, and save it.
  3. Click Browse and find your saved CSV file.
  4. Click Delete All Existing Records and Replace, if you want to use this data to replace all the data that may already have been entered.
  5. Click Import.

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