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Locking your project budgets in Cost

Preventing untracked changes by locking project budgets after it has been set up.

Project budgets are established and approved at the start of a project. These form the basis of the Original Budget in Cost, which is a baseline used for tracking and reporting. Over time, changes to the budget are recorded through the project change process and reflected in the Current Budget.

Locking the Original Budget

When ready to lock the original budgets

  1. Under Cost Administration > Project Settings > Budget
  2. Deselect “Allow Change to the Original Budget

Original budget fields at the Control Element level are now locked and cannot be changed.

Locking the current budget and final forecast cost

When you’re ready to lock the current budget:

  1. Go to Cost Administration > Project Settings > Budget Changes
  2. Tick Current Budget
  3. Tick Final Forecast Cost

The Current Budget and Forecast Fields are now locked and can only be changed using the Budget Changes module.

Note: If using the Alternate Budget fields, you can also stipulate budget changes are used.

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