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Managing project change in Cost

Adding project changes in Connected Cost.

Project budgets and forecasts can be affected by events such as design iteration, scope changes, and budget reallocation. Connected Cost enables you to manage these change events under Cost Management > Changes

Note that although related, project change management is separate to the contract variation process.

Project Changes can affect the cost worksheet in different ways depending on organization and project settings, which are modified under Cost Administration.

Changes to organization settings will only cascade down to new projects and their settings. 

These options can be defined in:

 Cost Administration Project Data  > Project Settings or Cost Administration > Organization Data > Organization Settings

Go to Cost Management > Changes

  1. In the toolbar under Changes click the Add item button.
  2. Complete the information in the Add Change pop-up. 
  3. Click Add Change.
  1. Ensure the new Project Change is selected.
  2. Click the Add button on the Changes Breakdown lower grid.
  3. Select the Control Accounts to add to the Project Change.
  4. Click Add.
  1. Select the Control Element for each Control Account in the Changes Breakdown grid.
  2. Enter the appropriate value under Current Budget Amount, Control Budget Amount, and/or Forecast Final Cost Amount.
  3. Change the status of the Project Change to Approved. 

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