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Recording Actual Costs

Learn how to add and import data around your project's costs.

Adding Actuals

Actuals can be added to the actuals page directly, instead of using the detailed worksheet view on the Cost worksheet. Current or All Actuals can be selected from the drop-down menu on the Toolbar. 

  1. Click the Add button on the Toolbar.
  1. Control Account Control Element and Post Date are required fields.
  2. Enter information into the other fields.
  3. click Add Period Actual when you are done.

Import Actuals

Actuals can be imported on the Actuals page, but not through the Cost Worksheet.

  1. Ensure a Period Actuals view is selected.
  2. Click the Import icon on the toolbar.
  1. Click Download Template.
  1. Complete the template and save it.
  1. Click Browse and find your saved CSV file.

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