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Linked documents in Mobile Models

Reviewing data about documents linked to an object via the Object Explorer panel.

You can view and download any documents that are linked to an object you select in a model. However, linked documents can only be added from the web version of Models. They cannot be added via the mobile app.

  1. Open a model from the stack.
  2. Select an object to open the Object Explorer icon.
The Object Explorer icon.
  1. Click this to see the Properties and Linked documents panels.
The Linked documents panel.
  1. Tap anywhere in the Linked documents panel to see a list of all the documents linked to the object. You can scroll long lists up and down by dragging your finger across the list. 
  2. To view or download a document, tap it in the list. To close it, click Done.
The list of documents that are linked to the object selected.

From here you can either return to the Properties and Linked documents panels, or close the entire panel using the close icon.

The Object Explorer close icon.

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