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Sectioning a model in Mobile

You can easily view the internal objects and parts of a model using sections.

You use sections to hide parts of a model and giving you a clearer view the area you’re interested in. For example, you might want to see the interior of a room. You can show this by creating a section that cuts through the building to show its interior. You can use multiple sections. 

Creating a section

  1. Open a model in the stack.
  2. Click Section+ icon.
The Section icon and usage instructions.
  1. Tap the screen or drag over the model to create the section. This automatically shows the yellow arrow you use to move the section if required.
  2. When you do this another Section icon appears.
  3. Move section back or forward using the yellow arrow.
An example of a new section showing the yellow arrow used to move it.
  1. To move it again you have to tap the blue section icon, then select Move to see the arrow again.
The Move button and the blue section icon.

Deleting a section

  1. To remove a section, either tap the section then select Clear, or tap the Section icon.
  2. If the Clear sections window opens, select Yes.
The Clear button.

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