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Working with Connected BIM Mobile

Learn how to use Connected BIM Mobile

Connected BIM Mobile gives you access to your models wherever you are.

Select Project

Tap on the down arrow to access all your projects, then tap the project you want to work with.

View models

Select models stack to save a revision on the device.

Models saved on the device will show the status ‘On Device’. Models on the device are available to access offline.

View models details

Select the information icon of the model stack

The information screen tells you basic information about the model, including when it was uploaded and who uploaded it.

Remove models from device

Once models are stored on the device, you have the option to remove revisions.

  1. Select the information icon of the model stack
  2. Tap Remove this revision from device.

Update models to the latest version

If you have an internet connection, you can access the latest version of project models.

  1. Tap the information icon to access model details.
  2. Tap the Download update tile on the detail panel.

When a new revision gets uploaded to Connected BIM the model status will change to ‘Update Available’.

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