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Working with Mobile Models

Learn how to use view and work with models in the Mobile app.

The Mobile app gives you access to your models and allows you to carry out a variety of tasks wherever you are.

Selecting a project

By default, the last project you were working on opens when you run the Mobile app. The Models you‘ve saved to your device have the status of On Device. You can access these even when you are offline.

  1. Tap on the down arrow to open a list of all your projects, then tap the project you want to work on.
The project list with Model Stacks showing On device.

Viewing models

  1. Tap a model in the stack to open it. Note that when you initially access a model it is stored on your device to give you offline access.
  2. Tap the screen to hide the Model Stacks menu and view all of the screen and it's controls.
The Mobile screen showing the controls.

You can view as many models from the stack as you need to. This is called federating, which simply means loading, and therefore overlaying, multiple models together. Normally you'd load the different disciplines for a model into one federated view of the entire building.

Viewing a model's details

Select the information icon of a model in the stack to see details of the revision date and who uploaded the file.

An example of a model's revision and other data.

Removing models from your device

  1. Select the information icon of the model.
  2. Tap Remove this revision from device. You will then see a warning message.
  3. Tap Remove to permanently remove the model.
The remove revision option.

Updating a model to the latest version

If you have an internet connection, you can access the latest version of project models. When a new revision is uploaded to Mobile, the model’s status changes to Update Available. You can see if there are any updates by tapping the information icon.

  1. Tap the information icon to access model details.
  2. Tap the Download update tile on the detail panel.
The Download update option.

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