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Send Models comments using Aconex Mail

Mail Models comments to others on your project.

Send Models comments to others using Aconex Mail, and keep your project’s audit trail intact.

  1. Load the models you want to view.
  2. Click on Comments.
  3. Select the comments you want to mail:
    1. Click the Select icon and click on All, or
    2. Click on the checkbox to the left of each comment you want to mail.
Selecting the comments to mail
  1. Click on the Mail icon that appears in the Comments menu.
The Mail icon
  1. You’ll see the Mail comments form, with a .bcfzip file attached. This contains your selected comments. Complete the form fields, paying particular attention to the mandatory fields, which are marked with an asterisk.
  2. Click Send to send your Mail, with attached comments, to the recipients you’ve chosen.

The mail form with the comment file attached

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