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Send a new mail from within Models

Send mail about a model from within Models.

You can send a mail from Models that relates directly to specific views and objects within the model. So it’s important to first navigate to the view or selected object that best suits the message you’re about to send. 

  1. Navigate the model to the viewpoint you want to show your mail recipients, and select any objects you want to discuss in your mail message.
  2. Click the Mail icon at the top right corner of the viewer, and select New mail.
The Send a new mail link
  1. You’ll see Step 1 of the Mail wizard, the Screenshot markup page. If you'd like to annotate the screenshot, use the markup toolbar to the left of the view to add notes, boxes, and other highlights to the model view. When you’ve finished marking up the screenshot, click Next.
Annotating the screenshot

 If you don't want to annotate the screenshot, click Skip.

  1. You’ll see Step 2 of the Mail wizard, the New Mail page. The markup you created appears as a .png file attachment, and the mail Message area contains a hyperlink to the Models viewpoint in the 3D viewer.

Writing the Models mail
  1. Complete the mail as you would any Aconex mail, being sure to fill in all the mandatory fields. See more information on creating mail in Aconex.

  2. Click Send. You’ll be taken back to the Models model, and you’ll see a confirmation message at the top of the page.

Your sent mail is saved in the Mail register along with all other project mail, and remains linked to the model views you've included.

The mail can also be access through the Selected object toolbar in the model view.

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