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View and edit comments

View and edit existing Models comments.

You can edit comments one by one, or apply your edits to multiple comments in bulk.

View and edit a comment

  1. Click on Comments.

  2. Locate the comment you want to view, filtering the comments if you need to.

  3. Click on the comment to display it in full.

  4. Now you can edit the comment:

    1. Change the comment status: Click on the status and choose the status you want from the menu that appears.

    2. Change the Assignee: Click on the Assignee’s name and start typing to see suggestions of others to assign the comment to. Press Enter to apply your change to the comment.

    3. Change the linked models: Click on Linked Models list to see a list of all available models. Click to select or deselect models in the list, and click Update to save your changes.

    4. View a snapshot of the commented area: Click the Snapshot icon to display the snapshot of the part of the model to which the comment relates.

    5. See the viewpoint for the comment: Click the Viewpoint icon to be taken to the model viewpoint that relates to the comment.

    6. Reply to the comment: Click in the bottom panel of the comment pane, where the text Enter your reply here… appears. Type your reply, then click Add reply to add it to the comment.

Your edits save to the comment automatically.

Editing a comment

Note that the Viewpoint feature may not work on some comments imported from other modeling software. Ensure you have the associated models loaded into Models when importing your comments.

Edit comments in bulk

  1. Click on Comments.
  2. Select the comments you want to edit:
    1. Click the Select icon and click on All, or
    2. Click on the checkbox to the left of each comment you want to edit.
Selecting comments to edit
  1. Click on the Bulk Edit icon that appears in the Comments menu.

  2. Make the changes you need to apply to the selected comments using the window that appears. You can change the comments’ status, assign them to a different user, and alter the models to which they link.
The Bulk Edit menu
  1. Click Apply to apply your changes to the selected comments.

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