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View Models

Look at a Models model — or see multiple models at once.
  1. Select the project you’re working on from the Project selector.
  2. Click the Models tab in the module menu.
  3. The Model stacks menu shows the models available for the project.
  4. Select the models you want to view by clicking the models’ names.
  5. Each model has loaded when the model box appears dark grey and a tick is shown in the checkbox on its left-hand side. The model appears in the 3D viewer.
Viewing the model
  1. To remove any active model from the view, click on the checkbox next to its title to deselect it.

To work with objects in the model:

  • Click on an object to select it.
  • Right-click to see the Object menu. This gives you the ability to control exactly what you see about that object, as well as to hide or show it.

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