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Working with Objects

You can update and change models by manipulating how you view them. This makes it easier to see and work on specific areas of a model.

Selecting objects to show, hide and make them transparent

This information describes the contents of the Context menu, and how to work with the Selected Objects option. To do this, right click the Viewer to open the Context menu. Use this to easily isolate objects and create the desired visibility in your loaded models.

The menu has three sections:

  • This Object – this refers to an object that is right-clicked, aka “picked”, in the model viewer.
  • Selected Objects – this refers to either the selected objects in the model viewer, or the spatial/type hierarchies in the Explorer menu.
  • All Objects – this refers to all the objects of the models currently loaded into the model viewer.

Working with selected objects

  1. Start by loadings the model you want to view.
  2. Select the objects in the viewer or the Explorer panel hierarchy.
  3. Select the Visibility menu.
  4. You can use Show, Hide or Make transparent on the objects you’ve selected. You can also isolate objects in the viewer by selecting them, then using Show everything else, Hide everything else and Make everything else transparent.
  5. Select Zoom to reposition the camera so that it views all the selected objects.

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