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Models functionality matrix

There are three versions of Models: Model Explore, Explore+ and Coordination. The one you can access will depend on what you’re licensed for.

The Models functionality you can use in Aconex depends on the version your organization is licensed for. These are:

  • Model Explore:
    • In Aconex this allows your project team to upload models to the document register and view them in the model viewer.
    • You’ll find all the Support Central articles you need under Models Explore.
  • Model Explore+: (Model Explore + is a legacy product that is not available to new projects.)
    • In Aconex this has all the features in Model Explore, but also gives your project teams the ability to link documents, raise processes, manage comments, add measurements, and create and share viewpoints.
    • You’ll find all the Support Central articles you need under Model Explore and Model Explore+.
  • Model Coordination:
    • In Aconex this has all the features in Model Explore and Explore+, along with the ability to simplify the coordination process and issue management. You can also create and manage the flow of design issues on a single platform, work directly in your design tools through a live plugin integration, monitor and control progress through a dashboard.
    • You’ll find all the Support Central articles you need under Model ExploreModel Coordination and Model Explore+.

Supported file formats and file extensions are:

File typeFile extensionDescription
IFC.ifc, .ifczipIFC versions supported are IFC 2x3, IFC 4 and IFC 4.1.
Zip.zipZip file format. Contains only one IFC file.
Revit.rvtRVT (v2017 to v2021)

Aconex menu options for Models

The following graphic shows the Aconex menu options available for each of the Models offerings.

The three different types of Model offerings.

The matrix here gives you an easy-to-see view of the features available to you. Note that while you can view the Support Central content for all three versions of Models, you can only access the functionality in Aconex that applies to your license.

The Models License and Functionality matrix

FunctionalityModel ExploreModel Explore +Model Coordination
Model Viewer: View and Federate models.
Navigation: Orbit, Walkthrough
Add model sectioning
View Object Explorer (Spatial & Type)
Model viewer preferences
View object properties
Model management
Add model from local file
Add model from document register
Distribute models
Tablet application (iOS & Android)
View and Federate models
Navigation: Orbit, Walkthrough
Add model sectioning
View object properties
Raise process from model (RFI, Site instruction, etc.)
Add, view and share viewpoints: personal, organization wide, project wide
Add measurements in model
Comments: Create & Import
* See below
Load comment viewpoints in Viewer
* See below
Asset & Handover
Link documents to objects
View linked documents
Issue and clash Management
Create design issues
Load design issues in model viewer
Manage design issue resolution
Assign design issues
Email notifications
Supports BCF
Coordination issue sets
Design tool plugins: Navisworks, Revit, Solibri
Design issues activity
Coordination issue sets activity

* Model Coordination uses Design Issues instead of comments, which means Comments are not required.

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