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Troubleshoot model processing issues

Follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve processing issues with your files

The model file is not a supported file format

Supported model formats are IFC 2x3, IFC 4 and IFC 4.1, as well as RVT (v2017 to v2021). If an unsupported file format is uploaded, the model won’t successfully process and there will be an error. The file extension must also be correct.

Supported file formats and file extensions are:

File typeFile extensionDescription
IFC.ifc, .ifczipIFC versions supported are IFC 2x3, IFC 4 and IFC 4.1.
Zip.zipZip file format. Contains only one IFC file.
Revit.rvtRVT (v2017 to v2021)

The model file does not match the model type supported by the model stack

The model type for a model stack is configured when the first model version is added. A processing error can occur when additional model revisions are added but don’t match the model type of the model stack.

Check the model type for a modal stack by clicking on more options (three dots menu) and selecting Settings.

model stack settings

The model type is displayed as shown below

model type

An issue with the model file or processor

There are three reasons for file or processing issues:

  1. The suppled IFC or Revit file has an export error which causes the model to fail to meet the IFC or Revit schema standard.  
    Note: If the IFC or Revit file export doesn’t match the schema standard leading to process errors, it’s worth discussing the issue with the vendor of the export tool as you may not be getting all the information in your model that you expect.
  2. A file related issue occurred when processing the file.  
  3. A system processing error occurred.

If you believe the file is a supported version and there are no errors in it, contact us so we can investigate the issue.

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