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Give your colleagues access to Models

Organization Admins control who can access and create model stacks in Models.
  1. Click Setup, then choose Configure User Role Settings.

Clicking Configure role settings
  1. With the Organization tab selected, scroll down to the Connected BIM section of the page. You’ll see two options:

    1. Access BIM, which controls whether users with a given role can access the BIM module menu, and access Connected BIM.

    2. Create Model Stack, which controls whether users with a given role can create a new model stack on the project. People with a role for which this setting is set to Grant become the Administrator of any model stacks they create. They can then assign Editor privileges for that model stack to others on the project who have access to BIM.

  2. Click the arrow next to the option you want to change in the column that reflects the user role whose settings you want to change. Select Grant to enable that option, or Deny to disable it.
The BIM Settings on the Confirgure User Roles page
  1. Click Save at the top-right of the page to save these new settings.

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